Research Internships at Microsoft’s PROSE Team

Check out the PROSE team at Microsoft to learn about how program synthesis enhances products and user experiences:

The PROSE team at Microsoft has pioneered the use of techniques based on program synthesis to create experiences that users describe as magical. These capabilities are part of a variety of Microsoft products. We are looking for research interns to push the frontiers in the theory and practice of program synthesis, including exploring new modalities of user interaction, new synthesis techniques, and novel applications of synthesis. We are particularly interested in combining insights from data (generated by machine learning) with program synthesis techniques to enable new applications, such as education. In education, we wish to significantly improve student’s experience in learning Computer Science and Programming. We encourage graduate students interested in the above topics to write to us at We are supportive of internships outside of the regular summer session and that stretch beyond the 3 month duration.

Background on PROSE: The PROSE research and engineering team develops state-of-the-art program synthesis APIs and ships them through multiple Microsoft products, including Visual Studio, Excel (short video), PowerQuery, SQL Server Management Studio, Operations Management Suite, and even Cortana. Program synthesis can provide a 10-100x productivity increase for many task domains, and especially in the areas of data wrangling/preparation and code refactoring.