Several Postdoc and PhD Positions Available

Several Postdoc and PhD positions are available to work on the following topics:
– Hybrid (data-driven/model-based) methods for planning & scheduling
– Verification of learnt policies and schedules
– Robustness analysis for learnt policies and schedules
– Explanations of plans, policies, and schedules

The positions are at two institutions:

– the Federal University of Toulouse (the ANITI institute). These positions have an ideal start date of October 2022 and are funded by the new Horizon Europe Research project TUPLES. For more details see:

– the Australian National University. These positions have a more flexible starting date, and are funded by the Australian Research Council project “AI Planning: The Next Generation”. For more details about the environment at ANU, including other postdoc/PhD opportunities in the area of planning and scheduling, see:

Please contact if you are interested. 

Sylvie Thiebaux
College of Engineering and Computer Science
The Australian National University