CAV 2021 uses a MiniConf page to run the virtual conference. You can find the schedule here on the conference page.

Virtual Conference Format

Please be aware that the following information is tentative and might change again.

Dates and Times: CAV will take place online Sunday July 18th – Saturday July 24th, with the main conference on Tuesday-Friday. Every day will be 4h of activities, 8am-12pm PDT (which is 4-8pm UK time). We will be mirroring the schedule 11 hours later at 8am-12pm in GMT+6 (which is 7-11pm PDT and 3-7am UK time), to enable wider participation of colleagues in Asia/Australia time zones. Workshops might follow a different schedule, information can be found on their websites.

Communication channels: We will be using Slack for (asynchronous) communication and discussions on papers and Gather for interactions with our sponsors and social events – join us for the pub quiz!

Program: We will have a virtual conference website which will contain the schedule and all relevant links. You can find the (tentative) publicly accessible schedule here, other parts of the page are only accessible to CAV attendees.

Presentations: Each paper will have a 5min talk and a 25min talk. The 5min talk will be streamed during the conference and the 25min talk will be available before and after the conference for people to watch. So make sure to check out the talks already during the week before CAV!

Watch Parties: Feel free to organize (safe) watch parties with your fellow researchers and friends and let us know on social media (#cav21).

More information can be found on the Attending page.

Virtualization Committee

Tiago Ferreira, University College London (chair)
Laura Graves, University of Waterloo
Adharsh Kamath, NITK, Surathkal
Hanneli Tavante, McGill University
Justin Wong, UC Berkeley