Call for Workshops

CAV 2021: 33rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification

July 18-24 2021, Online

The 2021 Computer Aided Verification (CAV) Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to discuss topics in the broader verification related domains. CAV 2021 Workshops will be held on July 18-19 before the main conference.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the Workshop Chair along with the program chairs and members of the steering committee. Proposals must consist of the following three parts:

Part I: Technical Information

A short (about 1 page) scientific justification of the proposed topic, its significance and relevance to CAV, and the particular benefits of the workshop to the verification community, as well as a list of previous or related workshops (if relevant).

Part II: Organizational Information

  • Contact information of the workshop organizers
  • Main contact for the workshop (i.e., a workshop chair)
  • Desired length of the workshop (one or two days)
  • Estimate of the audience size
  • Proposed format and agenda (e.g., demo sessions, tutorials, etc.)
  • Potential invited speakers
  • Procedures for selecting papers and participants
  • Plans for dissemination, if any (e.g., special issues of journals)
  • Special technical, AV, or USB stick needs
  • Links to a preliminary website of the workshop and call for papers (if possible)
  • Information if workshop has been previously held

Part III: Virtual Workshop Information

A paragraph describing how the workshop will proceed in the case that the conference meeting is virtual. This includes the form of participation (if different from the physical meeting), video conferencing requirements, time zone preferences, etc.

Important Dates

All deadlines are AoE (Anywhere on Earth).

Proposals are due by email to the Workshop chair: November 27, 2020
Organizers will be notified about the participation: December 11, 2020

The workshop proposals will be reviewed and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Potential to advance the state of the art in verification technologies
  • Ability to break new ground and create bridges with other disciplines
  • Relevance to CAV
  • Overlap of topics with other proposed workshops
  • Past successes of the workshop and association with previous CAV conferences
  • Organizers’ ability and experience to lead a successful workshop

All accepted workshops will be asked to provide a webpage, call for papers, and a list of invited speakers. The workshop participants will be required to register for the workshop through the CAV main registration page.

The registration rates for workshops will be set by the CAV organizers in consultation with the workshop organizers, following rate structures similar to (but not the same as) those followed in the past. The workshop organizers are strongly encouraged to seek external funding and sponsorships.

For further enquiries or information, please contact Arie Gurfinkel, the Workshop Chair.