Sponsor Event: Amazon

DATE / TIME: Thursday, July 23 1:00pm-2:30pm PST / 8:00pm – 9:30pm GMT

LOCATION: Virtual via Chime
Click to join the meeting: https://chime.aws/6209666294
Meeting ID: 6209 66 6294


Title: Amazon Lightning Talks


Join us for a lightning talk series hosted by Neha Rungta, Sr Principal Applied Scientist, Jim Christy, Software Development Manager, Lee Pike, Principal Applied Scientist, Nathan Chong, Principal Applied Scientist, Ankush Desai, Applied Scientist, Daniel Kroening, Sr Principal Scientist, and Byron Cook, Sr Pr Applied Scientist. The lightning talk series will focus on the latest happenings in different automated reasoning groups at Amazon, and will showcase work on constraint based reasoning, static analysis, and model checking as they apply to Identity and Access Management, Prime Video, IoT Devices, S3 and other Amazon applications.

Session Titles:

Neha Rungta, Sr Principal Applied Scientist: Trust Safety Verification of Access Control Policies using SMT solving

Jim Christy, Software Development Manager: Automated Analysis in Prime Video’s Engineering Workflow

Lee Pike, Principal Applied Scientist: CodeGuru Reviewer: Using ML and Program Analysis to Detect Hard-to-Find Bugs

Byron Cook, Sr Pr Applied Scientist: Distributing Proof Search

Nathan Chong, Principal Applied Scientist: FreeRTOS Meets Separation Logic: Memory Safety, Thread Safety and Functional Correctness with VeriFast

Ankush Desai, Applied Scientist: Model Checking Distributed Protocols using P

Daniel Kroening Sr Principal Scientist: Explaining Neural Image Classifiers