The purpose of the Verification Mentoring Workshop is to provide mentoring and career advice to early-stage graduate students, to attract them to pursue research careers in the area of computer-aided verification. The workshop will particularly encourage participation of women and underrepresented minorities.

The workshop program will include a number of talks and interactive sessions. The talks will give an overview of the field along with brief introductions to the varied topics highlighted at CAV 2019. Other talks will provide mentoring and career advice, from academia and industry.


Aws Albarghouthi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Azadeh Farzan, University of Toronto
Vijay Ganesh, Waterloo
Ruzica Piskac, Yale University


Loris D’Antoni, University of Wisconsin (chair)
Anthony Lin, Oxford University
Cezara Dragoi, Inria
Rayna Dimitrova, University of Leicester