CAV is the premier international conference on computer-aided verification. It provides a forum for a broad range of advanced research in areas ranging model checking and automated theorem proving to testing, synthesis and related fields. Research reported in CAV includes the application of formal methods to many kinds of systems,including hardware, software and communication protocols. It covers many system models, including finite-state and infinite state systems, hybrid systems and probabilistic systems. It encompasses both theory and industrial case studies. The common thread is the use of automation to help designers build more reliable systems.

CAV is held each year in July, and usually alternates between North America and Europe. It began as a workshop held in 1989 in Grenoble France. Subsequently, CAV was organized as a conference by Edmund Clarke, Robert Kurshan, Amir Pnueli and Joseph Sifakis. It has been held each year since 1990. A list of past and planned CAV conferences by year can be found below.

The current steering committee of CAV consists of:

Orna Grumberg , The Technion
Aarti Gupta , Princeton University
Daniel Kröning , University of Oxford
Ken McMillan , Microsoft Research

1989 Grenoble
1990 Rutgers
1991 Aarlborg
1992 Montreal
1993 Elouanda
1994 Stanford
1995 Liege
1996 Rutgers
1997 Haifa
1998 Vancouver
1999 Trento
2000 Chicago
2001 Paris
2002 Copenhagen
2003 Boulder
2004 Boston
2005 Edinburgh
2006 Seattle
2007 Berlin
2008 Princeton
2009 Grenoble
2010 Edinburgh
2011 Salt Lake City
2012 Berkeley
2013 St. Petersburg
2014 Vienna
2015 San Francisco
2016 Toronto
2017 Heidelberg
2018 Oxford
2019 New York
2020 Los Angeles